More Incredible Shots From The Run Furious Rally

If you haven’t seen pictures from the Run Furious Rally kick-off, make sure you click the link below to check them out.

The Run Furious Rally Kick-off at IDL Garage

If you’ve already seen those pics but haven’t seen the first batch of rolling shots from the rally, peep the link below.

Run Furious Rally Rolling Shots

And if you’ve seen all of those and are ready for more shots from Day 2 of The Run Rally, you’re in luck.

Run Furious marks the first rally in Run Rally history to ever have a full 2-day component. Typically every rally has an after party and award celebration following a long day of driving and then a pool party/lounge session the following day. But this time around we were lucky enough to have worked with Jeff from 742 Marketing to host our official award ceremony at Official Racewars at Irwindale Speedway on Day 2.

So rally teams emerged from their drunken stupor on Sunday morning in Downtown San Diego and got back on the road to head back to Irwindale Speedway. Unfortunately, after a long night there is some attendance attrition but we managed to salvage a little over half the group to caravan for another day of fun.

Before arriving at Racewars, we picked up the AMU Drag Car down the street at IDL Garage and drove it oh-so-carefully to the track. It felt good to be behind the wheel again even if for a few miles. We’re really going to miss this car when it’s gone. (FOR SALE, EMAIL FOR DETAILS)

We arrived a few hours after Racewars begun, and by the time we arrived the event was BOOMING. If you’ve been following AMU you know that we’ve been long time sponsors of the event. So we can honestly say that this year outdid all previous event in attendance, excitement and the quality of show cars overall. We were glad to see that Irwindale Speedway had a proper Racewars send off event.

If you have no idea what Racewars is, do yourself a favor and check out previous coverage from the event below.

Racewars LA 2016

If you didn’t click the link above, Racewars is a spin off of the event in the Fast and Furious movies. It’s drag racing combined with food, music, live entertainment, vendors, giveaways, a car show, prizes and more. Since The Run Furious Rally was themed after The Fast and Furious, what better way to end the event than to attend another F&F themed event.

Instead of a fancy club/winery/restaurant, the official award ceremony took place on the Official Racewars stage. Coming at no surprise to us, the usual suspects ended up taking first second and and third place this time around. I guess you can say experience is definitely valuable at The Run Rally. Congrats to Matt and Guillermo on their first place win, Josiah and Maria on earning second place, and Michael and Devin on winning third place. You guys are the real MVPs. haha.

We even made some special Ja Rule Racewars tee’s to go along with the Fast and Furious theme.

Shirts are still available in our store. Type in promo code “THERUNRALLY” and get 40% off your order.

NO!!! MONICA!!! TEES @ 40% OFF

And like all good things, they come to an end. Drag racing shut down earlier than anticipated so unfortunately our team did not get to race. So following the awards, our team parted ways, rallying home and go nurse hangovers.

This event was a blast and we’re looking forward to more Run Rally action in 2018. Thanks for reading and until next time, see you on the gram. @AutoMobileUploads

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