Run Furious Rally Rolling Shots

If you’re joining in on the Run Furious Rally coverage for the first time, please do yourself a favor and check out part 1 of our recap below.

The Run Furious Rally Kick-off at IDL Garage

Now, for the good stuff; ROLLERS. At every Run Rally event, we risk our lives/driving records to capture driving shots that represent the visceral driving experience from the rally. Since the majority of the roads are two lane back roads, we typically only have short stretches of freeway where we can grab shots. (We apologize in advance to those that missed out on this set of rolling shots) Here’s one stretch of freeway where everyone was heading from the kick-off at IDL Garage to their first checkpoint of the day “Black Cobra’s Base.”

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Black Cobra’s Base turned out to actually be Code Red Airsoft Park. They were awesome enough to allow us to play a custom Run Rally air soft game with military vets and our very own Run Rally actors. If you’ve been to a rally you know that the entire event is themed. You’ll also understand how epic it is to be able to play a supporting role in a live action shootout alongside the actors.Run Rally

There was some down time while everyone was getting in place so we figured we’d snap some more shots while we waited.Run Furious Rally Recaro Seats IDL Garage Run Furious Rally

“Agent Cobbs” and “Brandon O’Connel” briefing the team on their mission to capture “Domino Torino.” (LOL @ the “names”)

We had a great view of all the action from the catwalk above. We just had to watch out for stray bullets. 😳 Run Furious Rally The Run Rally Run Furious Rally

Lovely ladies x Guns… run rally the run rally

After “Torino” was captured, him and “Cobbs” settled their differences like men.  

Does this pose look familiar?

And just like that, the fight is over and a plot twist was revealed (you had to be there). The story continues and everyone received orders to continue their mission on the way to San Diego hitting more checkpoints and completing tasks.

We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take a few shots of our Lexus LC 500 leaving the Palomar Observatory. Our buddy Matt followed suit in his CTS-V and took advantage of our DSLR skills. Since he won 1st place at this event, he gets to choose a shot for a canvas print; wondering if this will be the one. 

After a few stops, the team re-convened for one last winding mountainous stretch to SD. We also thought it would be a good opportunity to take a group photo (sorry to those who didn’t make the photo. Next time!) 

Then we were back in the cars and off to conquer Mesa Grande.

To be continued…

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