The Run Furious Rally Kick-off at IDL Garage

Last time on The Run Rally…

In June, the Run Rally produced “The Run Fast Rally,” a story-line loosely based on the Fast and the Furious movie franchise. In Fast and Furious fashion, this rally promised a sequel later in the year called Run Furious. And like most sequels, the Run Furious Rally did not disappoint in producing more action, more explosions and more epic driving sequences.

The Rally kicked off at IDL Garage in Irwindale, CA which served as a perfect location for a proper Run Rally opening ceremony and toy drive. Victor Montiel, good friend of The Run Rally and member of Calvary Chapel Church in South LA spearheaded the toy drive, handling the logistics of collecting and donating the unwrapped toys to the inner city children of LA. The Run Rally typically chooses a benefit for each event, and this one was perfect considering the holidays were just around the corner.

In typical Run Rally fashion, there was a morning car show/meet, music, food, raffles, models and more. The action extended around the cul-de-sac and down the street at IDL Garage taking over Meridian street.

The Run RallyThe Run Rally The Run RallyThe Run RallyThe Run RallyThe Run Rally

If you’ve attended a Run Rally kick-off in the past you know that a good portion of the morning is spent applying official rally vinyl, making final preparations for the long road ahead and also teams starting their missions to earn points. (The Run Rally is not a race, and teams only score points by completing missions related to the theme.)

Shout out to our buddy Kevin for bringing this gem out to set the tone for The Fast and the Furious theme.

A few more familiar fascias and faces. 

One ingredient that makes The Run Rally unique is the element of surprise. Malcolm and team find a way at every event to surprise and delight those in attendance with live action scenes and other treats like themed cars, music and props from the movies. For this event, Malcolm wanted the “Brian O’connor” character to drive a 2000GT Hakosuka GTR; so we leaned on our Purist buddies to bring a few pristine examples to help set the stage (Thanks Phillip and TK). Since the Run Furious Rally kick-off was hosted outdoors, most people hadn’t made their way into the actual IDL Garage and didn’t realize the two GTRs would play a role in a mid-morning live action scene. So the two arrived and were staged inside awaiting the right moment. 

Like the GTRs, the AMU Rubicon was also staged and ready for the “Hobbs” character who would be making a grand entrance along with a little muscle.

We won’t go into full details about the drama between “Cobbs” and “O’Connel” but we will say that the Run Rally actors never cease to amaze.

Following the live action and a quick briefing about the long journey ahead; everyone headed to their cars and rallied to the first checkpoint of the day….

Black Cobra’s Base.

Rolling shots to the first checkpoint and all the action at Black Cobra’s Base are below, along with testimonials from past attendees.

Rolling Shots…

Run Furious Rally Rolling Shots


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