Racewars L.A. | The “IRWINDALE” Closer

It’s no secret that our beloved Irwindale Event Center is slated to close down for good in 2018. Our hearts are still heavy since this track provided many test and tune opportunities for the AMU Drag Mustang. Irwindale has hosted everything from Thursday Night Thunder (that we attended religiously), Formula Drift, NHRA, NASCAR, and many more events. And with the closure of Irwindale Speedway, we will lose the ability to race and spectate locally. ::Tiny Violin Playing::

Among the list of special events that we will miss is Racewars L.A, an event that we’ve attended every year since it’s creation. Click the link below to see our lineup from the last event.

Racewars LA x AutoMobile Uploads

Since Irwindale is closing it’s doors that means every event until it’s close has to be BIG. With that said, we’ve prepped the AMU drag car, called in some favors and we’re going to blow the doors off of the Racewars L.A Season Closer Event. Not only are we assembling cars to display and race with us; we are also using Racewars as the official finish line of the next Run Rally. We will host the official rally awards ceremony and will also have a few surprises that are typical of any Run Rally production. Needless to say, it’s going to be a dope event filled with live entertainment, dope cars, drag racing, food, music and more.

If you’re interested in showing or racing in the AMU x Run Rally section or just want to spectate as a guest of AMU and The Run Rally, use our discount codes below.





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Racewars LA Season Closer 2017

The event is expected to sell out early so make sure you get your tickets soon!


Registration for The Run Rally includes show and race registration for Racewars LA, so if you’re down for an epic adventure to San Diego and back, plus a day of racing and entertainment, register below.


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