If Cars Were Kicks, Which Would They Be?

If Cars Were Kicks, Which Would They Be?

So our buddy @Sk8athlete hit us up randomly the other day and sent me a picture of some gray vans. I asked him “what are those for?” and he replied “That Cayman you posted looks like those vans.” I chuckled and thought, yeah they do look alike.

But then that got us thinking about the idea, what if shoes were cars? Not just looks, but what if we put together a list of cars and kicks that share looks and personalities. Well look no further, we’ve finished that list. Find out which kicks are comparable to your favorite cars below. Enjoy!

  1. Porsche 277 Homage Race Car vs. Adidas Superstar Retro-Low – Many don’t know that Adidas is a German shoe company (well now you do) and the Superstar is one of their original designs. The red white and blue scheme on these Superstars are a re-release of the retro design and color-way. This silhouette has been proven to stand the test of time lasting from their conception in 1969 until today. Porsche is also a German company and the 277 race livery on this 911 pays homage to Magnus Walker’s 1971 911 T race car. Those that know us, understand that we have a great appreciation for the Porsche name and design…. Ok, we’re Porsche fan boys, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are one of few companies to keep a model design and nomenclature consistent for so many years, all while still captivating a huge fan base. Respect to both companies.
  2. Ferrari 488 GTB vs. Adidas NMD R2 – The 488 GTB is the successor to the 458 Italia sporting mild cosmetic upgrades but a complete overhaul of its naturally aspirated 4.5L high revving V8. The motor was replaced with a smaller 3.9L twin turbo setup, that we assume was a casualty of modern emission requirements. Similarly, the NMD R2’s receive some minor cosmetic upgrades over the R1s, but have made more substantial changes to the EVA plugs that help with stability and support. Both are known for their clean silhouettes and performance. Nuff said.
  3. Bugatti Veyron vs. Big Baller Brand ZO2 – There’s no question that the Bugatti Veyron is a BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile on wheels. But it’s also 1.5 million dollars. So as an enthusiast, you ask yourself “Where could I possibly drive this car 254 miles an hour, and why would I ruin my 1.5 million dollar missile doing so if there was such a place?” With that question in mind, we feel like the Veyron is a bit of a status piece and less of an enthusiasts car. Similarly, the Big Baller brand founded by the Ball brothers fits the “status” mold as well. For a whopping $495 – $695, you could be the proud owner of the best basketball shoes on earth… Or not. The website doesn’t mention how much higher they make you jump, or how much faster they make you run which leads us to believe that they didn’t make these for people who actually play basketball. Go figure. ps. The two brands also have similar logos (icing on the cake).  
  4. Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Yeezy Boost 350 – The 458 bone stock is a performance and design masterpiece. With the help of some very ballsy Japanese folks, the Liberty Walk version takes the car’s already stellar looks and accentuates them making the final product nothing less than breathtaking. We can’t speak on performance as cosmetic upgrades almost never promise to improve those, but we don’t think that’s the reason the $30K add-on; it’s for cool points and bragging rights. Kanye West’s rendition of the Adidas 350 boost is much the same. Kanye added his own personal “flair” to the existing design creating a limited edition and much higher priced Adidas product that consumer’s couldn’t wait to get their hands on. Like the 458 though, there were no performance upgrades promised as those looking for a pair were probably also seeking some bragging rights and cool points. ps. For the low-brow-folk, the 458 pictured below does rock the same color way as the Yeezy’s, further making them a great comparison.
  5. Ferrari F430 vs. Nike Air Yeezy 2 (Red October) – The F430 is now “the old model,” and in it’s stock form not significantly high in demand (yet). However, the introduction of a Liberty Walk kit just gave the millionaire millennial a reason to go out and find a cheap “old model” Ferrari. Not to mention that even though still rare, the 458 has been outfitted with such over fender kits time and time again and owning a F430 would definitely be more unique. As if you weren’t already sold, the kit for the F430 is a whopping $10,000 less than the 458 kit. No need to thank us for the incentive Mr. Bucks. On the other hand Nike collaborated with Mr. West to create a limited edition Nike that would turn a retro silhouette into a modern masterpiece. The Air Yeezy 2’s were largely inspired by the famous Air Jordan III and IV (which by the way are still available for sale online.) But the hype around the Kanye West name and the exclusivity made the Yeezys a huge success; leaving desperate money bagged millionaire millennials with no option but to pay a premium. The Red October’s in particular are now worth between 7 – 10K on the open market; so if you’ve got two pair to sell, you can afford the Liberty Walk kit for your F430. 
  6. RWB Porsche 993 vs. Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 – If you have been actually reading the text, you would have found out that we’re big Porsche fanatics. I (Ozzie) in particular have always loved the design of the 993. It’s not as popular now as the 930 or 964 but a part of me always roots for the underdog (the 996 is the true underdog but you get the point). So it’s no surprise that a fender flared version marked with the letter RWB tickles my fancy. Despite what anyone says about performance, I feel that visually RWB Porsche’s are a work of art. I don’t however love Jeremy Scott, nor his hideous winged Adidas that he helped create. But…for sake of comparison I will say that these are the closest to the RWB 993. Starting with the now obvious fact that Adidas are German shoes, mixed with the fact that a designer created a body kit for a retro shoe (that happens to be wings), making it that much more valuable on the open market. A pair of these Jeremy Scott disasters…I mean designs sell for $150 – $600 online. 
  7. RWB Porsche 993 vs. Supreme x Nike Uptempo – Ok, we promise, no more Porsche’s. But this combo was all too perfect. Our friends at @Shwainc outfitted a buddies RWB 993 with a simple Supreme logo. What was already a beautiful build now stood out even more at all the local car meets and shows because of the everlasting Supreme hype and it’s popularity with all of our millennials. The equation is “Anything + Supreme Logo = Hype” if you were ever looking to try it yourself. And just so happens that I found these Nike Uptempo’s online outfitted with the word “SUPREME” instead of “Air” that you would commonly find on the side of these. Both the RWB 993 and the Uptempo are bulky and have a crazy stance in both communities, but in Nike’s case not necessarily attractive. In addition, adding the word Supreme didn’t really make them any less ugly, BUT since the equation mentioned early works no matter what, these things are selling for $500 a pair online. Sheesh, we better go cop a pair…
  8. Singer Design Porsche 911 vs. Converse Chuck II – So we lied about the “no more Porsche” thing just a bit, but with good reason. This is a Singer, a re-imagined Porsche that gives consumers everything they loved about the classic Porsche silhouette, packed with the features and performance of modern day Porsches. If you’ve never seen one in real life, do yourself a favor and google “Singer Vehicle Design” and prepare to be amazed. The level of engineering and attention to detail is simply amazing. The Converse Chuck II is not however awe evoking but a clear comparison none-the-less. The Chuck Taylor has been around forever and we’ve loved them forever. But there has always been that moment where you stepped on a rock, or walked more than your share in a pair or even tried to engage in athletic activity and you though “I’d be better off bare foot.” With that said Converse decided finally that it was time to put mother Nike to work and create a pair of insoles for the chucks that utilize the Lunarlon technology. Singer and Nike have now enabled those who have loved and will always love the original silhouette the opportunity to journey a few miles with confidence.  
  9. Nissan Skyline GTR C10 vs. Nike Air Jordan 1 – This one is pretty clear but we’ll explain it anyway. The Nike Air Jordan 1 was the shoe that started it all for the Jordan brand; the brand that re-releases the same 14 designs over and over again without any loss in demand. This shoe is also a symbol for the opportunities given to other shoe brands and atheletes that may have never existed if it weren’t for the success of the Jordan brand. Arguably the Nissan Skyline GTR did the same for the Japanese car market. The GTR Coupe (below) debuted in 1970 and put Nissan on the map as an authentic sports car manufacturer (after embarrassing many of its European and American competitors). This car alone inspired Toyota, Mazda, Honda and others to build their own sports car that could compete with this beast’s evolution throughout the years. While Nissan doesn’t continue to release retro Hakosuka editions of the current GTR, they do still sell today in record numbers and prove to be the best bang for the buck in the sports car world. 
  10. Tesla Model X vs. Nike Air Mag (Marty McFly’s) – Last but not least is the Tesla Model X. This is a SUV created by a man who said he doesn’t care about California’s front license plate law because it ruins the car’s aesthetics, and a man who ordered designers to implement a driving mode called “ludicrous.” With that said, Tesla products have no choice but to be bold, cutting edge and sort of ridiculous. For those of you who’ve been under a rock, all Tesla’s are full electric and not only save you from the petrol pump, but can propel you forward in a straight line faster than most super cars. The amount of technology and innovation in each car is almost unreal. This is precisely why the Nike Air Mag’s are the perfect comparison. Tesla’s are everything but flying cars as Doc Brown saw back in the future, and the Air Mag’s are a real life, current day version of the shoes Marty Mcfly once wore in your favorite 80’s flick. These kicks illuminate, self lace and have the most original silhouette out of any sneaker on the market. The combination of tech, nostalgia and exclusivity has yielded record sales for these kicks as some collector dropped a hearty $52,000 for a pair at auction. Today, if you happened to have two for sale, you might have enough pennies to buy yourself another piece of collectible, autonomous tech, the Tesla Model X.

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