Best Pics from Ruthless Racing: Camarillo Airport

If you’re an enthusiast, you’ve probably noticed that street racing/street hooning has been on the rise, and it’s become apparent that there needs to be more outlets for petrol heads. Lucky for some, our buddies and fellow enthusiasts Dillon and Bobby created a racing event series coined Ruthless Racing Events. Ruthless Racing plans to offer a series of events like autocross, drift, drag, etc. that help create an outlet for those who would otherwise race on the streets and for those looking to perfect their skills.

The first Ruthless Racing event took place at the beautiful Camarillo Airport. A large portion of the airfield was shut down and the team built a very technical autocross course filled with hair pins and switch backs. The event lasted a total of 10 hours and spots were extremely limited (30 cars) meaning all the attendees got a generous amount of seat time. In addition, all of the track safety (cone gathering) was controlled by the Ruthless Racing staff which meant attendees got to sit back, race their car and enjoy the views.

The second event will take place on September 24th at the Camarillo Airport and spaces are already filling up. If you’re interested in putting your skills to the test, we’d recommend registering ASAP! Here’s the Link –

Below are a few pictures we took of the action. Please feel free to share, steal,save. And make sure you follow Ruthless Racing Events on Instagram.



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