Run Fast Rally Video (Behind the DSLR)

Usually, we’re all about the pictures and write-ups for event recaps but every now and then we stick a couple of Go Pros behind the camera in order to give you a better visual of all the action. This is what we did for the Run Fast Rally on June 10th from LA to Las Vegas. Expect more behind the camera footage on November 18th as we head from LA to San Diego and back to join in on the Drag Racing fun at THE last Racewars LA event before Irwindale Speedways officially shuts its doors. The “Run Furious” Rally will be a continuation of the Fast and Furious inspired theme that we started in June with “Run Fast.”

Make sure you jump over to after watching the video to find out how to sign up.

And if you haven’t checked out the official pictures and write-up from the Run Fast Rally, check them out here.

The Run Rally: Run Fast Rally

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