The Run Rally: Run Fast Rally

On June 10th, 2017 The Run Rally hosted a live action event like no other called The Run Fast Rally. Run Fast is the first of a two part live action series paying homage to The Fast and Furious movie franchise. The first part spanned from Orange County to Las Vegas and details for the second half have just been been announced on (Also check the Facebook event page for more info)

The Run Rally

If you’ve never experienced a Run Rally event here’s a quick rundown to give you some context before checking out the pictures below.

Imagine you are invited to experience a live production of a car action film. But instead of you witnessing all of the action from the sidelines in one location; The Run Rally makes accommodations for you and a co-pilot to drive alongside the action and also take part on a 300 mile moving set. Not only do you and your car get to appear in parts of this production, but you also get to compete against others to live and breathe the story-line in a scavenger hunt format. You are given the necessary information and tools to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint where you will meet up with actors, actresses and models to experience pre-rehearsed scenes that tie all of your scavenger hunt missions together. To top it off, every road and destination has been carefully planned to provide maximum driving pleasure as we all know that half of the excitement for any rally series is the white knuckle driving component.

With all of that said, here are some shots that we took at the opening ceremony and kick-off for the Run Fast Rally at Funfzehn Automotive in Orange. Stay tuned for more photo coverage of the day and also the official Run Fast Rally video coverage from DTLA Media.


The Run Fast Rally Kick-Off

Run Rally sponsors Wrap Legends hosted one of the checkpoints for the Run Fast Rally at their shop in Anaheim hills. Teams got to take a quick breather before the long winding road to Vegas and this allowed the Run Rally staff to stage yet another thrilling scene embodying the Fast and Furious theme. Click on the link below for pictures of the action.

Run Fast Rally Continued: More pictures

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to meet up with us for the last checkpoint in Lucerne Valley but but for those of you that were, you lucked out and got the AMU special…ROLLERS! Click the link below to check them out.

Run Fast Rally ROLLERS


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