Do 19″ Scion tC Wheels Fit on A Toyota iM?

I suppose all things come to an end. And in some cases they end very abruptly after only 6 months of ownership…


Yep, this happened.


Before we could even post pics of my daily driver (Smurf) on the blog, a homeless person rides their bike across the street (with a trailer attached to his bike) and forces all lanes to stop abruptly. Unfortunately, being at the end of that chain reaction means I had even less time to react and this was the result. “Smurf” was on her way to becoming a rather stylish grocery-getter, sporting Scion tC TRD 19″ wheels, an Inno Roof Rack, a custom sound system and was carrying some Tein Coil Overs in the trunk that were only weeks away from being installed.

But accidents happen, and luckily enough all parties were uninjured. And thanks to good friends like Jeff at Longo Toyota, I was able to pick up another iM with ease and get back on the road. However, this time around the new iM sports a Toyota badge and packs a few extra goodies like lane departure alert, a laser and camera assisted pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control and automatic high beams. Honestly, I’m kind of salty about losing the Scion badge, and not owning a piece of history but at the end of the day, they’re the same car.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6

Since I was able to hold on to most of the upgrades from “Smurf”, it only took a short 48 hours to upgrade the new iM coined “The Black Pearl.”

image7 image8 image9 image10

And now, the part you’ve been waiting for. Do tC 19″ wheels really fit comfortably on an iM? Any spacers, cutting, rubbing, etc? The answer is YES, they fit perfectly. I had an opportunity that most don’t which having both a test car and test wheels prior to making a purchase. The test car was even better than expected because it had already been outfitted with a set of coil-overs and proved to be the ultimate fitment test for us. Slammed and all, the wheels fit seamlessly with no rubbing. Scion iM tC 19 inch wheelsAfter testing, I picked up “Smurf” from Jeff at Longo Toyota and snagged my buddies 19’s off the tC he was selling.


I know that many of you may have been apprehensive to spend money on these wheels since every site will tell you that the they are not in fact compatible. But as you know, most aftermarket wheel configurations that fill out your wheel-well are not recommended from the manufacturer. These 19’s are 8 inches wide and have a 35 mm offset which seems like they may be a bit aggressive for the iM, but the car seems to swallow them well. The inner fender lining, suspension and brakes are cleared underneath the car and the outer fender lining is cleared as well.

The only issue left is tires. In the interest of both saving money and further complication and headaches, we kept the stock 235/35/19 tires on the wheels. The recommended tire size to keep the speedometer and odometer reading equal would be a 255/30/19 and we didn’t want to chance a wider tire creating any problems in the future after the coil-overs are installed.


The factory tires on the stock 17″ wheel are 225/45/17 which means the difference between the two sizes results in a 2% increase in diameter. While that may sound like a lot, the difference results in a 1.3 mile an hour difference at 65 mph and a 1.6 mile an hour difference at 80 mph.


If you have enough money and time to experiment with tires, be my guest but I think I can live with the speedometer being slightly off as my other car is a fully built race car with plenty of mods that are far outside of factory spec.

IMG_3921unnamedSo with all that said, here she is, “Black Pearl.” A work in progress.Toyota iM tC 19 inch wheelsimage14 image15 image16 image17

Make sure you check back to see pictures of other mods as they’re installed as well as updates on the drag car, the AMU Rubicon and Tyler’s BMW 325i project.

As always, thanks for reading and see you on the gram @AutoMobileUploads.

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