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The AMU x Run Rally crew partnered up once again to display at Racewars LA held at Irwindale Speedway. While most vendor displays feature one or two cars, we figured we’d put our car network to use and round up over 40 of LA’s finest to showcase in our display. Since the event itself is well rounded with car show and drag racing elements, we decided to feature a wide variety of cars that contained a mix of both also.

If you’ve gotten this far and are saying “what is Racewars?” Do yourself a favor and check out our previous blog post where we provided coverage of all the festivities.

Racewars LA 2016

Since we’ve done several Racewars event recaps in the past, we figured we would honor those who chose to spend their Saturday hanging with the AMU and Run Rally family instead.

Check out the lineup and make sure to follow these guys/girls on Instagram for more pictures of their beautiful rides and faces. 😉


Our buddies at Wrap Legends brought the heat with two cars from their stable. One to show. One to Race. RacewarsIMG_1251Racewars IMG_1239 IMG_1428 IMG_1237IMG_1252 IMG_1233 IMG_1232IMG_1255IMG_1248 IMG_1254

Make sure you follow them on Instagram @WrapLegends and hit them up if you’re thinking about wrapping your car or adding vinyl graphics.

Next up is our buddy Chris and his Alpha GTR, which he raced all day and managed a 6.8 second 1/8th mile. And yea, it spits flames.

IMG_1183 IMG_1268 IMG_1241 IMG_1242



Sexiest. lol  IMG_1273

Make sure to follow him on Instagram @CuriousChris_IMG_1278

We convinced our buddy Jay to come down and spend the day with us in his Factory 5 GTM. We told him we’d let him stick a For Sale sign on his front window as incentive. haha

Shoot him a DM on Instagram if you or someone you know is interested @dillerajay

IMG_1429 IMG_1427

We also convinced our buddies over at Rennen Forged to come down and display a couple of their rides. Their wide body, V8 fitted Porsche definitely was a show stopper.IMG_1426 IMG_1259 IMG_1250 IMG_1207 IMG_1202 IMG_1186 IMG_1201IMG_1224 IMG_1222 IMG_1223

Make sure you follow Rennen on Instagram for your daily dose of wheel porn.

Since we’re equal opportunity car enthusiasts, Len and I thought it would be a good idea to invite our buddy Joel down in his 72′ Skyline to represent for the Japanese classic car scene.IMG_1200IMG_1210IMG_1231IMG_1281IMG_1279IMG_1282IMG_1283

Make sure to take a second and follow him on Instagram to see more pictures of his beautiful Hakosuka.

#hakosuka #skyline#sumo#nissan#

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Our homies at Rolloface brought their E92 M3 and their color shifting M2; both sporting Rolloface brakes of course. IMG_1460IMG_1208 IMG_1209

Do yourself a favor and follow Rolloface on Instagram for more pictures of their incredible builds and brakes.

We needed some AMG flare in the booth so we hit up our neighbor Roland to hang with us and to bring a friend. IMG_1276IMG_1199IMG_1285IMG_1215IMG_1214IMG_1225Make sure you show our buddies MBJunkies and AMTINTWORKS some love on IG

Catch us and our sponsored C63 AMG track car freshly wrapped in chrome red at Racewars Irwindale today!

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The one and only El Jefe Vlogs also displayed in the AMU x Run Rally paddock with his turbo Camaro while capturing dope event footage for his YouTube page. IMG_1274(1)IMG_1245IMG_1258IMG_1257IMG_1256IMG_1267IMG_1266

If you haven’t already, make sure you Subscribe to his YouTube channel so you can see more footage of the AMU x Run Rally crew acting foolish and being camera whores.

What would Racewars be without our good friend Mike? He blessed our display with his crazy F80 M3 and helped us draw some attention to our booth with a little revving action later in the day.IMG_1469IMG_1284Make sure you head over to his IG and support his build and upcoming business as he’s been a long time supporter of AMU and The Run Rally.

We didn’t make t-shirts that said AMU Pit Crew for no reason. Since we had some of the fastest cars at Racewars, our display literally doubled as a pit for tire changes, fueling and tweaks. One of the race cars in our display belonged to the Mayor of Irwindale and our brother Jose. His supercharged Coyote makes over 700hp to the wheels (hence the drag radials) since it’s last makeover and he took a few passes on the 1/8 mile straight to break it in. IMG_1424IMG_1219IMG_1379Jose has represented AMU since day 1 and has earned your follow on Instagram. So…go follow him please. –> @AMUBigBlue

Mastermind tuner “Lil Man Motorworks” Ivan, builder of Jose’s 700hp Mustang and many others decided to join us at Racewars with his turbo EK. FWD drag cars will forever have traction issues but Ivan managed a 7.1 on the 1/8th straights on Saturday.IMG_1229IMG_1218IMG_1217IMG_1216Make sure you follow him on Instagram and hit him up for all of your Racecar needs. Don’t forget to say that you were referred by AMU.

Some action for the single canner slammer

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Shoutout to a new friend Jay who we give mad props for driving up from San Diego just to hang with us on Saturday. Being a fan of 964s (Ozzie), I was stoked to find out he was going to be able to make it.IMG_1206IMG_1461 IMG_1458IMG_1203His car is for sale, so if you’re interested make sure you hit him up on Instagram.

I wouldn’t have thought that I’d like the color yellow so much on a car (Ozzie) but I can’t stop taking pictures of our buddy Armin’s M3 since he changed up the color. I swear I try and show other cars love too but the camera just keeps on clicking when his car is around. IMG_1205IMG_1456IMG_1204Please go and show his taxi cab some love on IG!

In the 1990’s if your drove a NSX you were the shit. In 2017 if you drive a NSX you’re the shit. Some things don’t change. Thanks to our buddy Anthony for rolling through in his NSX and making us feel like shit because we don’t own one…So just one picture for you buddy. lol IMG_1220Although we’re jealous, make sure you still follow Anthony on Instagram to see more pictures of his oh-so-beautiful NSX. —> @snisternsx

Our buddy Kenneth owns FUNFZEHN a BMW service and repair shop in the OC; and a rather dope shop may we add. He’s a big supporter of AMU and the Run Rally and brought his Pumpkin M3 and a buddy with him to display with us at Racewars. IMG_1462 IMG_1463

Make sure you follow FUNFZEHN on IG and hit up Kenneth for all your BMW needs. Also follow our new friend @goldenshowerM3 for more pictures of his Austin Yellow F80 M3.

Anyone into horses? 😈 Only time will tell. Photo by @itsjustbrian @ijbvisuals

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Last but not least is our buddy Charly who trailered his track ready AE86 out just to display with us on Saturday. We love the build and are very grateful for the commitment to come out and support.IMG_1213IMG_1212There’s lots more pictures where these came from on his IG, so make sure you hit follow to check out all of his track adventures.

Photo: Renown garage

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We also want to thank our models; they were AMAZING and are available for future events via DTLA Models. Shoot them a DM for pricing and availability.

As always thanks to our partners at The Run Rally. On behalf of Malcolm, you all (dope car owners) are welcome to the upcoming event called Run Fast going down on June 10th. Check out the website for more details.


We also wanted to send a shoutout to our buddy and mentor Bill of Rev Auto Supply for the help getting a few cars out and for being a great business partner.IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1180

He’s throwing a grand opening this month so if you’re in the area definitely come by and check it out!

Our apologies for not being able to snap everyones car, but we blame this guy. He stole our model for 30 minutes to an hour posing her on all of our display cars preventing us from capturing some shots. We respect the game but just an FYI, don’t take advantage of models that we’ve paid to entertain in our booth. If you know him, tell him cash us outside. lolRacewars

And now that our rant is over, here are some random pics… Enjoy!

ShoesIMG_1238Len modeling our new sweatersIMG_1425IMG_1277Model on a hover board thingyIMG_1240Models and a future womanizerIMG_1230Shameless plugIMG_1275IMG_1265IMG_1261Racewars

AMU FanIMG_1234

The End! Thanks for reading and make sure you follow US on Instagram!

Starting off today’s #WheelWednesday with @rolloface’ 3 series BMW on ZR-1 3 piece wheels. 🙌

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