The Run Rally: Underground 2017

The Run Rally has been on the scene since 2014.  Its original concept was to create an immersive driving experience that made the participating driver and navigator the star of their favorite action “movie.” This movie would not be accessible on the big screen, but through a living immersive experience that serves to create unforgettable memories.

Having themed events around films such as Mad Max, Gone In 60 Sec, and 007, the Run Rally has just scratched the surface.

Being the only rally that is directly inspired by cinema and the cars that live onscreen, tackling homage to the Fast and Furious series has always been something Malcolm (Run Rally CEO) wanted to hold on to until the time was

The Run Rally Underground img_8247 img_8250 img_8249

That time is now. Next year is the Year of the “UNDERGOUND.”  The Run will take on the ambitious task of taking all the nostalgia of the most influential films and game series ever and roll them into one story that spans 3 events. The first event coming in the first quarter of the year will be titled “RUN FAST.”

The photos below were shot on set of a teaser we were shooting for the UNDERGROUND series.  Enjoy these photos as they are set to capture the feel of the Underground racing lifestyle.

Big thanks to Chris Park who let us use his dope GTR with AMS Performance Alpha 7 upgrade. The thing rips, which we got to witness first hand as it tore up the streets of Van Nuys.

Enjoy these pics and register to get a spot in Run Fast for next year. Stay up to date on developments by following on Facebook and Instagram @theRunRally

img_8245 img_8244 Nissan GTR Alpha 7 img_8240

img_8242 img_8243 img_8234 img_8233 img_8235img_8230 img_8229 img_8231 img_8224 img_8225 img_8226 img_8232 img_8246 Need 4 Speed Underground Nissan GTR Alpha 7 img_8227

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