Racewars LA 2016

If you are a Fast and Furious fan like we are, you remember the “Race Wars” scene all to well where Jesse lines his Jetta up against Johnny Tran’s built S2000 and races for pinks. Brian (Paul Walker) tries to convince Jesse not to do it because he knows Tran’s S2000 will beat his Jetta. Needless to say, Jesse loses the race and instead of stopping after his 1/4 mile run, he keeps driving to prevent having to hand over his car.

The running joke after the movie was that he didn’t stop because the car he was driving in that scene didn’t actually have any brake calipers installed (True Story). We took the opportunity to capitalize on the humor and make a small batch of AMU tank tops for last years Racewars LA event and still have a few left for sale in our online store.

Image of AMU Jesse "No Brakes" Tank

Jeff Maldonado and team took a great concept from the Fast and Furious franchise and made it a reality. And instead of creating 1 event, the 742 Marketing team created a touring car show series to pay homage to The Fast and Furious and the Race Wars event called Racewars USA.

Racewars USA aims to repair the negative image that street racing and unorganized flash mob style meets have given the enthusiast community offering a safe and organized opportunity for tuners to race and show their cars. In addition, Racewars integrates local arts and culture with live performances, models and food.

We didn’t have a booth this year like we did last year but made sure that we attended to snap some pictures of all of the action. Enjoy!

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Make sure you follow Racewars on Social Media and stay tuned to their website to learn more about upcoming events around the country and even over seas.

As always, thanks for reading!

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