The Eurotopian Takeover Run Rally

DSC_0133Saturday November 29th, marked the day that the Eurotopia group was over taken by The Run Rally for a day. In the spirit of other Run Rallies there was a story-line presented to the group before the road rally commenced. Here’s the scoop:

“Eurotopian is an underground union of sorts, comprised of the most skilled drivers for hire in Los Angeles county. James Collin, a Eurotopian legendary driver is on assignment delivering a briefcase of important documents to a client in the San Fernando Valley. He has notified the group’s leader that his cover has been compromised and that he is being tailed. In this situation it is protocol for the driver to hand his package off to the next best driver in the area. You have all answered the call this morning and James must choose one of you. …there is a catch; one of you is an undercover government agent here to take hold of the briefcase and use the information inside to dismantle Eurotopia for good. Can Eurotopian’s deliver the briefcase and keep it out of the agent’s hands?”

This was the task at hand and it was our job to assemble with all of the Eurotopian and Run Rally drivers at Vibe Motorsports in Sun Valley. Here, drivers and navigators were given a packet containing their official mission, directions to their end destination and checkpoints, a Run Rally vinyl sticker and a CD with a personal selection of theme music for the drive.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; one of the best elements about the Run Rally’s is the selection of cars that attend. Malcolm (president of the Run Rally) said that he wanted to create a rally series that was open to exotic supercars and economy enthusiast cars alike. He ultimately wants to draw those who just love to drive their car.

“The Takeover” was no different with roughly 75 cars in attendance including everything from my Honda S2000 to a McLaren MP4-12C.

DSC_0484DSC_0380DSC_0283 DSC_0318 DSC_0344 DSC_0346 DSC_0388 DSC_0405 DSC_0408 DSC_0416 DSC_0418

Once all the drivers arrived, The Run Rally team held a drivers meeting, reviewing the details of the mission at hand and separating drivers into 4 groups to begin the rally.

At the close of the meeting, Malcolm handed off the Run Rally Briefcase to one of his trusted Eurotopian drivers to begin the rally.
DSC_0481All of the cars lined up by group in front of Vibe Motorsports awaiting the signal to depart.
DSC_0486 DSC_0495 DSC_0526 DSC_0539 DSC_0543

And…we were off!!!

We ran with group 4 which wasn’t the “slow” group by any means. In fact, we were lucky enough to run with 3 GTR’s, an M6, a Factory Five GTM, Several M3’s and more. Needless to say, I had to keep the revvs up near 9,000 to keep up with the group.
DSC_0622 DSC_0630 DSC_0634 DSC_0641

After some spirited driving, we arrived at the first checkpoint, somewhere deep within Tujunga Canyon where drivers were given a short period to rest and the Run Rally briefcase was then passed on to another skilled driver. (Transaction not shown)DSC_0673 DSC_0674 DSC_0691

We snapped some shots, let our brakes cool and then it was back on the road starting with group 1 and ending with our group (group 4).
DSC_0694 DSC_0702 DSC_0715

We snapped a quick shot of Run Rally model and car enthusiast Karina and a Vibe Motorsports rep. taking a breather before heading back to their cars.DSC_0733 DSC_0735

We found a 2 lane stretch to snap some rollers of the GTM. (Props to Jay on his new project.)DSC_0763 DSC_0764

After more high speed sweeping turns, long straightaways and an enthusiasts favorite “A TUNNEL” we arrived at the second checkpoint. (Stay tuned for more Go Pro footage on our YouTube Channel)
DSC_0811 DSC_0817

Fast cars x canyon roads = smiles

The briefcase changed hands yet again at this checkpoint to miss Karina.
DSC_0839 DSC_0846

Wasting no time, Malcolm ordered everyone back to their cars to lineup and head out to the third checkpoint.DSC_0855 DSC_0859 DSC_0879 DSC_0910 DSC_0916 DSC_0921 DSC_0925 DSC_0929 DSC_0937 DSC_0940

At last at the bottom of the hill was our final checkpoint before the caravan to SP Engineering to deliver the Run Rally Briefcase. At this point we managed to lose a couple of drivers due to some casualties of running hard in the canyons… Luckily everyone was o.k.DSC_0955 DSC_0964 DSC_0971

Before setting out for SP Engineering, we had to pass along the briefcase once more. Karina reluctantly handed the briefcase to a fellow driver who she believes is a Eurotopian member but wasn’t sure…

From this point, it was all highway and side streets headed to SP Engineering, which meant perfect opportunities for some highway rolling shots. WRONG! What started out as a plan to have everyone cruise in a unified fashion on the freeway turned into racewars, where everyone attempted to multiply the speed limit x 2 to be the first to arrive at SP Engineering. I managed to get a few shots of those who were willing to follow instructions. (NEXT TIME WAIT FOR ME TO GET PICTURES BEFORE YOU SPEED!)DSC_0072 DSC_0091 DSC_0094 DSC_0097 DSC_0103 DSC_0108 DSC_0132 DSC_0143

Finally, we arrived at SP Engineering, home of the GTR. We arrived to find a DJ spinning some tunes and stacks of pizza boxes for lunch. (Perfect timing for many because driving can really work up an appetite)
DSC_0147 DSC_0162 DSC_0179 DSC_0208

Miss Karina jumped out of her rally outfit and into something more appropriate before posing for the camera. We snapped a few pics while everyone finished up their lunch.DSC_0250 DSC_0278

Just minutes after people finished their food, Malcolm assembled everyone at the front of the building to witness the last hand off of the briefcase.

To everyone’s surprise, James Collins is forced to give up the briefcase at gunpoint. The Ambush! The two villains make off with the briefcase, and the drivers are tipped off that they are headed to Santa Barbara. This scenario sets up the Grapes and Wrath Rally perfectly, as drivers will be tasked to follow these villains to Santa Barbara to retrieve the briefcase.


DSC_0353 DSC_0323 DSC_0328

A very upset James Collins seeks revenge against the villains that stole the briefcase. DSC_0335Make sure you register for Grapes & Wrath ASAP as spaces are filling up.


Grapes and WrathAfter the ambush scene was over, Karina stuck around to pose for a few more pictures. 
DSC_0380 DSC_0381 DSC_0389 DSC_0390 DSC_0399

It’s only right that we had her pose in front of her own modified Mini Cooper. It’s also appropriate that we post 5 pictures. lolDSC_0405 DSC_0407 DSC_0411 DSC_0417 DSC_0430All in all, we had a great time. We can’t wait for Grapes & Wrath in January and hope to see all of you there.

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