How To: Honda S2000 Carbon Fiber Hardtop Installation

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Ozzie, co-owner of AMU decided a few months ago to purchase and install a Carbon Fiber Hardtop for his Honda S2000. We shopped all over the internet for hardtops and landed on Forbidden-USA, as they had very competitive pricing and have an excellent reputation in the S2000 community. We were all set to make the purchase online and have the top shipped to us until we realized that their shop was right in our backyard; Long Beach, CA. We saved ourselves a few dollars on shipping and paid the guys at Forbidden a visit.

The original plan was to complete the installation ourselves as it seemed relatively simple. But after reading through multiple forms online about installation complications leading to wind noise and other fitment issues, we thought it would be a good idea to take the car over to Forbidden and let the pros do the install while we took notes.

We figured it might also be a good idea to make a short video with a few tips and tricks that might help other S2K owners that don’t live nearby.

To accompany the video, below you will find a list of a few tips and tricks to make sure that your hardtop installation goes smoothly.

  1. Make sure you have all of the appropriate tools from the start.
  3. Wipe down all of the edges on your hardtop that will come into contact with the rubber seals with acetone. If not, the seals will peel off over time.
  4. Apply grease to existing seals on your car that will come into contact with the rubber seals from your hardtop. This helps to prevent creaking while you’re driving.
  5. Make sure you install your hardtop brackets the correct way. If the holes don’t line up at first, switch the brackets around or switch sides.
  6. Remove the existing clamps from the soft top and install them on your hardtop before putting the hardtop on your car.
  7. Have a friend apply pressure on the roof of the hardtop while you tighten all of the bolts on the brackets. You want the roof to fit as snug as possible.
  8. Install window seals starting from the back of the window and cut the seals at the front of the window. You want to make sure the rubber reaches the inside of the door panel because this area is where most of the wind noise will come from. There is also a flex piece built into the seal that fits right into the curved portion of your hardtop. Proper alignment here will ensure great fitment.
  9. Install window seals with the hardtop mounted on the car. This will help you determine proper lengths and also help in making adjustments.
  10. DO NOT ROLL THE WINDOWS DOWN! Keep the windows rolled up for the first month or so to mold the rubber seals.
  11. Do not rush to put any of the plastic panels on your car, they are very fragile so take your time guiding all of the clips into the proper place.

We hope this helps. Make sure you watch the videos several times and take notes before attempting. Feel free to contact us with any questions as well.

Here are more pics from the install.

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