How To: Take Good Car Pictures at Night by AutoMobile Uploads

It’s hard to take good pictures in low light, but we managed to snap a couple of good ones the other night in Signal Hill.

For those of you looking to get some night pictures with your DSLR, here are a few tips.

  1. Get yourself a Tripod
  2. Turn your camera to manual mode
  3. Turn off the flash (The flash will ruin the effects of shooting at night)
  4. Set your camera’s ISO to 1600 or greater (Warning: The higher the ISO setting, the more noise will be generated in the photo)
  5. Slow down your shutter speed. Depending on the lighting you may need to go as slow as 1/60th of a second or as fast as 1/500th of a second. (Shutter speed will need to be adjusted when switching between white/light or dark colored cars)
  6. Apply down force to the tripod as you snap the picture. Any vibration created during the picture will result in less sharp images.
  7. Enjoy good night shots

AutoMobile Uploads Mustang AutoMobile Uploads Mustang

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