How To: Headlight Restoration

While washing the S2000 the other day, I noticed that the headlights were beginning to get a bit cloudy. Immediately, I remembered all of the commercials on TV about D.I.Y headlight restoration. So I decided to set some time aside on Sunday and bring my S2K back to life.

Note: (Modern cars all have headlights made of plastic. Continuous exposure to the sun, heat, smog and chemicals is what makes your headlights oxidize over time. The oxidation process strips the plastic from it’s original shine and clarity, leaving your lights dull and discolored.)

Here’s an example of what I mean.

S2000 Headlight Restoration

(Above is the driver side headlight on my S2000. Notice that the lens has lost clarity and is beginning to turn yellow.)

So, I made a quick trip to O’reilly Auto Parts and picked up a few things to get my project rolling.

Here’s what I used:

1. Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit

2. Automotive Masking Tape

3. Cordless Power Drill

4. Gloves

S2000 Headlight Restoration

Step 1:

I taped off the body panels surrounding each headlight so I wouldn’t accidentally scratch my paint.

S2000 Headlight Restoration

Step 2:

I Attached the  Mothers Powerball to to my cordless drill

S2000 Headlight Restoration

Step 3:

I applied a quarter size application of the Mothers polish to the powerball

S2000 Headlight Restoration

S2000 Headlight Restoration

Step 4:

I put my drill on the slowest speed setting and slowly polished my headlamp section by section. I split my headlight into fourths and applied more polish for each section. After  that, I proceeded to give the entire headlight a once over to make sure that I didn’t miss any spots along the way. After I was done with the polish application, I wiped the headlight clean with the microfiber towel included in the kit.

S2000 Headlight Restoration

S2000 Headlight Restoration

Look at the difference between the polished light (to the right) and the oxidized headlight (to the left). BIG difference.

Step 5:

I repeated steps 1, 3 and 4 for the passengers side headlight

Step 6.

I removed the masking tape from both of my headlights and applied a little spray on wax from my detailing kit. (I recommend applying a higher quality wax on the headlights for added protection if you have some laying around)

And there you have it; In about 30 minutes or less and $20 later, my car actually looks years newer than it did. I didn’t have to pay to have a professional wet sand my headlights and I didn’t have to buy new ones. Definitely a great investment.

I posted a few more before and after pictures below.

Good luck restoring yours!


S2000 Headlight Restoration BEFORE


S2000 Headlight Restoration

S2000 Headlight Restoration

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